Design & Materials


Hart Bicycles are built mostly from True Temper steel tubes, famous for their strength and precision. True Temper (USA) has been making steel tubes for golf club shafts for years and branched out into bicycle frame tubes within the last twenty years. Their dedication to quality and precision is assured.


No other frame material can make these claims:

  • Tensile strengths of steel bicycle tubing have doubled in the last few years, leading to lighter, livelier, and most importantly more comfortable frames.
  • Steel frames can be brazed at low temperatures with minimal metallurgical effects because, unlike in welding the tube is not melted.
  • Brazed steel frames need little or no alignment after building.
  • Brazed lugged construction can only be used for steel frames. This leads to longer-lived frames and a more responsive ride.
  • Steel has a higher density than other frame materials so it provides a more lively ride and more feedback when riding at close to the limit of traction.

High quality bicycle tubing is double or triple “butted” (thinned) to shave off grams of weight and insure liveliness. Tubes of various alloys and tempering processes can be combined to provide just the ride that the cyclist desires. For example, a larger diameter, thicker walled down tube can provide rigidity in a main frame but by using a lighter, thinner walled top-tube the frame can be made more lively and responsive.