It must fit to be effective.

No mechanical object is more intimate to humans than a bicycle. The rider will mount it between their legs, hold on with both hands and operate the pedals with both feet. It becomes a true extension of one’s body. It must fit to be effective.

Since a rider is the engine of a bike it is clear that for smooth, efficient operation the engine must be comfortable. Each rider has (slightly) different physique and a Hart Bicycle is custom built around each unique body shape, guaranteeing comfort and efficiency.

The most important feature of any bicycle is the geometry and construction of the frame. Clients who agree to commission a Hart Bicycle will be asked for various measurements of their skeletal structure. I’ll ask what may be uncomfortable about a current ride and of course what type of riding (distances, time in the saddle, aggressiveness) is the aim of the hand built bike. If at all possible taking a ride together can be very useful to see someone’s style of riding.