Fully Loaded Touring Bike

The French voyageurs left northern France for the upper lakes region of North America in the 17th and 18th centuries. Although they undoubtedly would have loved to be on bicycles , nevertheless geography dictated that their manner of transport be the canoe. They traveled for eighteen hours per day, singing all the way, happy as larks to be on the move with all their gear on board.

The fully loaded touring bicycle is perhaps one of humans finest achievements. There is no greater feeling of freedom and independence than when seated on a handsome, well made comfy bike built to carry everything you need for a prolonged journey.

I’ve toured for thousands of miles. Here’s what makes a good touring bike: long wheel base and low bottom bracket for stability and shock absorption. Plenty of tire clearances to put on over sized tires if needed and for ease of wheel removal. Fenders are designed in as well as pump pegs, 3 sets of bottle bosses as well as rack bosses front and rear. A lighting system may be a necessary addition. The Voyageur frame is built to be loaded and to be a steady ride at any speed.