Lightweight Cross Country Mountain Bike

Home of the gods. The out-back. A “non-human” realm. Near my home in the National Forest is a steep mountain of sand that used to be the take-off point for an Olympic ski jump training ramp. The ramp is long ago rotted and dismantled but it remains a trail head for off-road riding and some single track.

Cross country ski and snowmobile trails through the forest make excellent bike trails in the summer. The Valhalla is filet brazed with double butted tubes to be light and stiff. Either as a hard tail or with a production shock fork the bike can take a rough ride. I can make it with disc brake dropouts or with the more traditional cantilever/V-brake posts.

The Valhalla can be designed as a third-world or off-road tour bike by adding braze-ons for racks, pump pegs or custom front and rear racks. The original Valhalla comes as a traditional 26 inch mountain bike but a 29er will be available in 2012.